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Project360 was developed by Web360,
a web-based software company with offices in Denver, Colorado, USA and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The idea for Project360 began when we found ourselves looking for software on the web to help us manage our projects, communicate with our clients and collaborate with our colleagues—in the office, across town, and around the world. We were very disappointed with what we found.  The project management software out there was either overly complicated, or simplified to the point where it didn’t meet many of our needs.

We decided to take matters into our own hands. We developed Project360 as the ideal online project management tool for small businesses and professionals like us. Project360 has organized our projects, streamlined our approach, facilitated our collaboration, and generally made our working lives better. We hope you find it as useful, enjoyable, intuitive and easy-to-use as we do.

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Our mission at Web360 is to design simple, effective and intuitive software for small and medium businesses, and professionals like ourselves.

If you like what you see in project360 or have an idea for a web application for your business or industry, contact us.

Web360 - Argentina
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