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  Your PDA is your window
into the office while
you’re on the road.
With Project360, you’ll
always have a clear
view of what’s going
on. Project360 is
compatible with PDAs
and iPhone, so checking
the status of a project,
setting a meeting time, or exchanging messages with co-workers is a snap.
No Downloads. No Installs. No Fuss.
You don’t have to install anything to get on board with Project360. If you have an Internet connection, you have everything you need to use the program—on your desktop, laptop, or PDA.

Assign tasks, set deadlines, get updates, arrange meetings, view your calendar, track work hours—and do it all in one place.

The office may be virtual, but the people aren’t! Project360 lets you work with your team, communicate with clients, send messages, share files, organize workgroups, and more.

Project360 has all of the features you need and none of the features you don’t. It makes your life easier and your work more efficient. And that, after all, is what project management is all about.

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Project At-a-Glance
Project Management
Task Lists
Document Storage and Management
Time Tracker
Gantt Chart
Discussion Board
Project Templates
PDA Compatibility
Data security

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"Congratulations on creating a product useful for small businesses like mine."
Colin Graves, Iridium HRD Consulting Ltd

"Your software is nice, easy and functional."
Sean P. McGinnis, Network Administrator - The Kennedy Group

"As a UI designer, I do have to say that the interface is stunning! Very well
thought out and nicely done."
Gena Willoughby, Design/Implementation Manager - PointShop, Inc.

 "We are finding working with P360 a real joy.  For visual designers like our team,
P360 flows logically."

Mark Larsen, President & CEO, Digital Media One

 "Project360 is a great webapps..."
HUNG, Executive Editor in China, Creative Weblogging Inc.

 "Great product, very easy to use and get organized with."
Robert Swafford, Software Engineer, GuestBridge Inc.

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